About Us

ZIPOT is a Business Global Network company with focus on initiating projects between Asia and Europe. It was founded by the shareholders Yang and Lee in 2015 and is based in Seoul. The company’s idea and purpose is to promote the exchange of goods and technology between the two continents, including marketing activities on the Asian and European markets. Headquartered in Seoul, ZIPOT is the logistical base for its neighbouring countries China and Japan where the company is represented with offices, too. The experienced management team has all the know-how to launch and implement products in e-commerce and off-line channels. Customers include the renowned large company groups in Korea and Japan as well as major medium-sized companies throughout Asia. With the shareholders already being very well-established and well connected in this economic area, whether in industry, trade or consulting, easy access is guaranteed for business development, market communication and exchanges with business partners. What is more, excellent contacts to all relevant media in the most important Asian countries are maintained.

Our Mission

Our aim is to build a basis for the relationships with business partners characterised by transparency and mutual trust to be able to deliver sustained added value to all parties concerned. We see it as a challenge in our modern times to align innovative business models with the complex digital reality by acting in line with business practice. Zipot stands for innovation and success. Together with our partners we strive to develop new markets.

Our Alliance